Pack Policies and Decisions



The requested budget is $80 per boy yearly, to be paid by the various wards in increments of $20 per boy per quarter to the agent ward. The agent ward will reimburse all costs and receipts.
This will be reviewed in November's meeting to see if it's enough money.

What costs are there to the family?

Parents are required to buy the shirt and book only. What we consider the uniform to be is Shirt, dark blue pants/shorts, neckerchief, slide, proper patches. Blue jeans suffice for dark pants, and any slide is acceptable.
Socks, official pants/shorts, hat are optional, and will be paid for by the family if they so choose. If the boy earns more than 6 beltloops and any pins, the family also pays for those.
The Pack buys patches, neckerchief, slide, and awards.

Neckerchief Exchange

We have started a Neckerchief and slide exchange. When a boy graduates to a new den, we will remove his current neckerchief and slide and replace it with his new one. If a family wants to keep a neckerchief, they have the option of buying one beforehand, or replacing the one they keep.

Committee Staffing

For Den Leaders, the 6th ward provides the two Wolf leaders, the 7th ward provides the two Bear leaders, and the 1st ward provides the two Webelos leaders. Each ward provides a Cubmaster, a Primary representative, and a Bishopric representative.

Committee Assignments

Presently there are 3 committee assignments: Pack Photographer, Pack Decorator, and Pack Scrapbooker. Parents or representatives who volunteer for these assignments will serve for 6 month terms with a re-signing option.


To save money, after boys have earned 6 beltloops, any future beltloop awards will be replaced with a certificate showing completion. He may take this to the Scout Shop and have his parents purchase the beltloop themselves.

New Cub Registration and transfers

To ensure that all Cubs are properly registered, the Cubmaster from each ward will work with the corresponding Primary Representative to have the parents of a new Cub fill out the Registration Form. The form will be turned in to the Committee Chair, who will turn it into the Scout Office. The Committee Chair will also take care of transferring Bears to Webelos Dens, and Webelos to a Boy Scout Troop.

Bishopric Representatives and Re-chartering

The Bishopric Representatives will attend the Committee Meeting in June annually to touch base with how things are going. Also, the Cubmasters and Bishopric Reps will meet in November to tackle the re-chartering process to ensure that the rosters are correct.

Paying for Camp

The three wards have decided to let the families of the Cubs cover the cost of camp. We will let them know far enough in advance so they can make arrangements. This is an opportunity for the Cubs to earn their way and learn responsibility. If families are unable to afford the $20, they can speak with their bishop and make arrangements.

Future Decisions

To further save money, we might begin offering parents the option to take a used book, or they can purchase their own if they would like a new one.