This guide should help you with the different patches and other uniform parts you might see. The official uniform inspection sheet (which has the exact measurements) is available here for Cub Scouts. Temporary patches are just that, temporary. A Scout may wear one (and only one) temporary patch on his uniform at any time. These patches may include patches from a camp or other Scout gathering. Temporary patches are most often worn centered on the right pocket of the uniform. Usually, these temporary patches can be placed inside of a clear plastic sleeve (purchased at the Scout trading post) that hangs from the right pocket button so that you don't have to constantly take old ones off and sew new ones on.

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Right Sleeve
Right Pocket
Left Pocket
Left Sleeve


Patch Name Image Location
World Crest Patch Halfway between left shoulder and left pocket. Indicates that the Scout is part of the World Scouting Movement. This is the only patch that is universally worn by Scouts in all nations.
Council Shoulder Patch Left shoulder along seam. It identifies which Council the Scout belongs to.
Unit Numerals Just below and touching the bottom edge of Council Patch. They identify the local unit that the Scout belongs to. (1st Ward is #508, 6th Ward is #70, 7th Ward is #175)
Progress Toward Ranks Totem Hung on button from right pocket. Shows how close the Scout is towards earning the Wolf or Bear badge. Webelos do not wear the totem.
Webelos Colors Pinned just below American Flag on right shoulder. Displays the Activity Badges that the Scout has earned. There is no particular preference or order to the pin placement.
Webelos Compass Hung on button from right pocket. Shows progress in earning extra Activity Badges. Compass points are added for every 4 Activity Badges earned.
World Conservation Temporary patch to be centered on right pocket. Shows consideration of the environment.
Outdoor Activity Sewn onto right pocket flap. Wolf Track pins can be added if the award is earned again. Wolf Track pins and Summertime awards are pinned through the patch.
Arrowpoints Sewn below either Wolf or Bear rank patch and below the pocket. Gold is centered below rank patch, silver(s) are sewn in double rows below gold.
Religious Knot Sewn centered above left pocket. Displays completion of the religious requirements for Cub Scouts.
Rank Patches Over left pocket in a diamond shape: Bobcat on top, Wolf on wearer's right, Bear on left, Webelos on bottom. Displays current rank of Scout.
Recruiter Sewn directly beneath right pocket.
Leave No Trace Temporary patch to be centered on the right pocket. Sometimes has a loop to hang from the pocket button.
Trained Sewn on left sleeve below position patch. Shows completion of basic training for adult  leaders, patrol leaders, Den Chiefs, etc. On the newer style shirts that have the small pocket on the left sleeve, the patch is sewn on the pocket flap.
Journey To Excellence (J2E) Sewn on right sleeve four inches below flag patch. Shows membership in a unit that is fulfilling goals and is running efficiently. Only the current year's award may be worn.
Service Star Pinned above left pocket. Shows number of years in program. Different colored backgrounds indicate with branch of the BSA the service was rendered.
Knot Device Put on knot awards (such as the religious knot) to indicate what phase of Scouting in which the award was earned (Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc.).
Arrow of Light Sewn onto the left pocket flap of the blue shirt, or sewn below the left pocket for the tan shirt. You may want to consider the placement of this patch when sewing on any arrowpoints.
Crime Prevention Award May be worn centered on the right pocket as a Temporary patch. A plastic temporary badge holder for this award may be purchased at the Scout Office.
Physical Fitness Award May be worn centered on the right pocket as a Temporary patch. A plastic temporary badge holder for this award may be purchased at the Scout Office.
Attendance Pin Worn pinned above left pocket similar to Service Stars. Successive years are added onto the bottom.
Whittling Chip May be worn centered on the right pocket as a Temporary patch. Please ignore the urge to sew it onto a pocket flap or the bottom of a pocket due to its shape.
Sports and Academics Belt Loops Worn on the official Cub Scout Belt.
Sports and Academics Pins Pinned to the Sports and Academics Letter (see below), and not worn on the uniform.
Sports and Academics Letter Not worn on the uniform. This is sewn to a jacket or homemade patch blanket.
Emergency Preparedness Worn pinned to the left pocket flap. Only 1 is worn even if the award is earned multiple times.
National Summertime Award Worn pinned to the right pocket flap. Multiple awards may be worn if earned. Pinned through the Outdoor Activity Award if that is also earned.


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