Cub Scout
Adult Leader Recognition

Just like the boys, there are awards for the leaders as well. Recognition is displayed by patches that depict a Square Knot, and are worn above the left pocket of the uniform. Below are the most common awards earned by Cub Scout leaders. There are many more, including those available to Boy Scout leaders, and a full list of all awards will be provided in the future. The requirements to earn each knot are available as a PDF by clicking on the link. Also, a diagram showing most of the awards is available here.


Training and Tenure Awards

Cub Scouter Award Available to all members of the committee, and any other Cub Scout leaders who serve for 2 years.
Cubmaster Award Available to those who serve as a Cubmaster for 2 years, or as a Cubmaster for 1 year and Assistant Cubmaster for 1 year.
Den Leader Award Available to all Den Leaders of Wolf and Bear Dens who serve for 1 year.
Pack Trainer Award Available to those who serve as a Pack Trainer for 2 years.
Webelos Den Leader Available to all Webelos Den Leaders who serve for 1 year.

Some of these have been discontinued. More details to come.

Personal Achievement

Arrow of Light Award Worn by all leaders who received the Arrow of Light award as a Cub Scout.
Eagle Scout Award Worn by all leaders who received the Eagle Scout Award as a youth.


Service Awards

Adult Religious Award Available to all Scout leaders. For the LDS faith, the award is called the "On My Honor" award.
District Award of Merit The District Award of Merit is awarded by a District to a registered Scouter for service to youth in the District. Normally, the award is presented for service to youth in excess of five years. Possible candidates are nominated by their peer scouters.
Silver Beaver Award The Silver Beaver Award is presented for distinguished service to young people within a BSA local council. Candidates are nominated by their peers for this award.
Unit Leader of Merit Award Available to all Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Varsity Team Coaches, and Venturing Advisors. Possible candidates are nominated by the other leaders and committee members of the unit.
Youth Religious Knot Worn by all leaders who earned either the "Faith in God" or "On My Honor" award as a youth. Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts also wear this knot on their shirt after they have earned it. Devices indicating in which phase of Scouting the award was earned are available. 



How to Wear the Award

The Knots should be sewn directly above the left pocket in rows of three (if multiple awards are earned). There are basically three types of knots:

  1. The kind with two colors of ropes.

  2. The kind with one color of rope.

  3. The kind with braided rope.

If the knot is of type one, it's really easy to make sure it's on correctly. If it is sewn on correctly, anyone facing the person should see a letter "C" on the left half. See the Arrow of Light or Cub Scouter Awards for good examples.

If it's one of the other types, you can look really carefully and see which rope overlaps the other to make the "C," but it can be hard to tell. The only other clue is which ends of the rope are bigger. The ends of the rope on the left side of the award are slightly bigger.