11 Year Old Scouts is the first step along the Boy Scout Trail. It is a program that is exclusive to the LDS Church (see LDS Scouting for more information). As Scouts, they begin working on Scout requirements and going on hikes and campouts. However, since they are 11 and still part of the Primary Program, they are somewhat limited in a few areas. For example, 11 Year Old Scouts may only participate in a maximum of 3 overnight campouts per year (as opposed to older scouts who can attend a weeklong camp as often as they wish).

Religious Award

Since they are still of Primary age, they continue to work on earning their Faith in God award and earning their Religious Knot if they have not done so already. They may wear the religious knot they earned in Cub Scouts with a Cub Scout Device pin (available at the Scout Office).


The 11 Year Old Patrol is led by one or more leaders who are technically listed as Assistant Scoutmasters, though they wear a special patch produced by the Church.


The uniform they wear is the Official Boy Scout Uniform shirt with olive-green shoulder loops. The patches they wear are similar to the ones that the Cubs wear: a Council Shoulder Patch, unit numerals (green on tan instead of white on red), a World Crest patch, and a Patrol Emblem (more on that below).

Unlike Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts only wear one rank patch which shows their current rank. It is sewn centered on the left pocket. When a new rank is earned, the old one must be removed. If you are adverse to sewing, there are plastic badge holders for these ranks available at the Scout Office for about a dollar.


At some point in their year as part of the 11-Year-Old Patrol, the boys will get a position of responsibility, such as Quartermaster or Patrol Leader. Because they switch positions every 3 months, we have armbands that have the position patches on them for the boys to wear so there's no sewing required.

The chosen patrol mascot is the Burch Creek Bulldog. Members will receive a patch with the patrol emblem that is to be sewn below the flag on the right shoulder. Most of the information found on the Uniforms page also apply to Boy Scouts, but you can ask a leader if you have any questions.


The boys should each have a copy of the Boy Scout Handbook (available at the Scout Office for about $10). In it is a wealth of knowledge and information about cooking, hiking, camping, citizenship, swimming, survival skills, nature, and many other topics.


The main goal of the 11-Year-Old program is to help boys advance from Scout to the rank of First Class. While boys may earn merit badges if they wish, the bulk of Patrol Meetings and outdoor experiences will focus on rank advancement. After earning their First Class rank and joining the older boys, the emphasis will change to merit badges and community service.

Combined Wards

Like Cub Scouts, we combine the 1st, 6th, and 7th wards for 11-Year-Old Scouts. Once they turn 12, they will join their respective ward's troop (with the other deacons).


Instead of monthly Pack Meetings, Boy Scouts receive their awards at Courts of Honor that are held 2 to 4 times a year depending on need. Families are encouraged to attend these as much as possible.


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Leader Patch

Official Shirt

Green Loops

Bulldog Patch

Boy Scout Handbook

Scout Rank Patch

Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, and 1st Class Rank Patches